How to Get our BTS brothers

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Oct 22, 2020


News Salad’s Home Learning #1

The power of idol fandom culture has never been ignored! What does fandom mean? Fandom is a collection of fans or enthusiasts of someone or something(furthermore, a word that refers to the whole fan culture)

The existing fandom culture is mainly to buy items related to celebrities such as goods and tribute.

But these days, the consumption pattern of idol fandom is the purchase of entertainment stocks that can exercise real rights.

Here, goods are just idol’s agency’s stocks. In 2008, Super Junior’s fans express their mindset of a big fan by buying SM Entertainment stocks about 58,000(As of October 19, 2020, about 1,774 billion won in Korean currency)

In 2018, one uncle fan, who had consistently purchased JYP Entertainment shares, certified 300% of the return.

BTS’s recent global hit has raised interest in Big Hit! Despite a sharp fall in Big Hit’s stock price right after the listing, ARMYs continue to buy stocks to show their fan spirit.

Like this, fans are ready to pick stars for their brothers! Wouldn’t other fandoms show their fan spirit by buying stocks as well?

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