News Salad Guide : Kindly instructing from A to Z

News Salad
3 min readNov 6, 2020


News Salad Guide : Kindly instructing from A to Z

You’ve been having a hard time with various stock information, right? Fresher information is updated daily than salad. News Salad provides Korea’s first AI-based news analysis stock investment information service.

News Salad’s reliable partner, Quan

Quan, derived from the “looking”, is a financial-specialized artificial intelligence that helps you see valuable sights in the ocean of information, and is a key asset of News Salad.

News Salad, what’s your function?

1) News Analysis
We monitor the overall news of more than 2000 KOSPI and KOSDAQ-listed stocks that are updated in real time and perform NLP analysis.

2) Sentimental Analysis
We perform real-time monitoring and sentimental analysis of stock discussion room posts and determine whether the uploaded posts are positive or negative for listed stocks.

3) Comparative Analysis
We classify listed stocks into verified small/medium/large industrial groups to analyze key stock indexes and to provide criteria to determine whether listed stocks are over or underrated compared to the industry group.

Only News Salad’s strength!

  1. Smart Analysis
    Through technical analysis about News Salad’s 12 indicators, we present future sales opinions on listed items.
  2. Event Analysis
    When an event of interest’s event occurs, we provide a calendar so that you can look at the stock price information and the expected date of the event of 2,000 listed stocks quickly.
  3. Customized Search
    We provide segmentalized search functions so that you don’t miss any theme or surge stocks.
  4. Community
    It provides a community function that allows you to share your stock opinions and share you stock opinions and share other people’s forecast stock prices.

Beginning of all this experience, News Salad

Fresh stock information than salad every day! Would you like to meet News Salad now?



News Salad

News that everyone knows, But Information that only I know. Korea’s first AI-based news analysis stock investment information service, News Salad