U.S. presidential election on stocks ; Who’s the real winner? Part. 1

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2 min readNov 27, 2020


J. Biden VS D. Trump
U.S. presidential election on stocks. Who’s the real winner? Part. 1

The 46th president of the United States has been confirmed as Biden. Then, are all Biden theme stocks soaring?

Thanks to Biden’s flagship eco-friendly policy, electric car-related stocks are strong.

But another Biden stocks, healthcare and hydrogen-related stocks, are still quiet.

Then what about Trump theme stocks? IT stocks are representative of the world’s best 5G network.

IT stocks are weak due to Trump’s defeat, but experts can expect their growth due to non-face-to-face issues.

Three North Korean defense stocks, Victek, Speco, and Firstec are stocks of Trump. Do you think their stock price has gone down?

Speco, which is a defense stock against North Korea but is related to wind power, is seeing its stock price rise due to Biden’s influence.

Even if it’s a presidential election, the key is catching trend!
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Would you like to know about the Trump theme and the trend of events?
See you in part 2!



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