U.S. presidential election on stocks ; Who’s the real winner? Part. 2

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2 min readNov 27, 2020


J. Biden VS D. Trump
U.S. presidential election on stocks. Who’s the real winner? Part. 2

Trump lost the U.S. presidential election. So what’s the future of Trump stocks?

Due to the issue of the weaponization of rare earth elements in China, which has emerged as a conflict between U.S. and China, Tplex, the representative stock, is now falling.

What about Novatech, the U.S.-China conflict theme? It seems to be on the rise due to the source technology of shield magnets.

Everyone knows that previous U.S. presidential elections have a huge impact on the stock market. But this market looks a little different from the past.

In the wake of the Corona-19 financial crisis, the stock market boom, and the financial crisis, we value ‘current fundamentals and future growth potential’ more than events.

Events, affecting the stock market
News and financial indicators, showing future growth potential and fundamentals

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